Stem Pilel


The Pilel is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Piel and expresses the same range of meanings.


The Pilel stem is a variation of the Piel and has potential to express the same range of verbal action. It is the same stem formation as the Palel, only with a variant vowel pattern. The Pilel stem is formed from the Piel stem by repeating the 3rd radical, thus making a verb that can appear to have 4 consonants. It is an extremely rare stem formation in Biblical Hebrew.


It is recommended to always check a dictionary or lexicon for the meaning of a specific verb, because this stem may express many different kinds of action in different contexts.

In the following example, כִּמְטַחֲוֵ֣י has two prefixed elements: כִּ is a bound preposition, and מְ is the participle prefix.

Example: GEN 21:16

כִּמְטַחֲוֵ֣י קֶ֔שֶׁת

kimtahawe qesheth

like-shooting bow

about the distance of a bowshot away