Stem Polal


The Polal is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Pual. It expresses the passive voice of the Polel stem.


The Polal stem is a variation of the Pual and expresses the passive voice of the verbal action of the Polel stem. The Polal stem is formed from the Pual by dropping the 2nd radical and repeating the 3rd radical (with a vowel change). It is an extremely rare stem formation in Biblical Hebrew.


It is recommended to always check a dictionary or lexicon for the meaning of a specific verb, because this stem may express many different kinds of action in different contexts.


The Polal stem appears exactly the same as the Polel stem in all conjugations; only the 3rd-person masculine singular forms are different.


Polal Paradigm
Conjugation Parsing Hebrew Transliteration Gloss
Perfect masculine singular third person כּוֹנַן konan he is established
Imperfect masculine singular third person יְכוֹנַן yekonan he will be established
Sequential Imperfect masculine singular third person וַיְּכוֹנַן wayyekhonan (and) he was established
Imperative masculine singular כּוֹנַן konan you must be established
Participle masculine singular absolute מְכוֹנָן mekhonan being established


Example: ISA 16:10
וּבַכְּרָמִ֥ים לֹֽא־יְרֻנָּ֖ן לֹ֣א יְרֹעָ֑ע
uvakkeramim lo-yerunnan lo yero’a’
and-in-the-vineyard not_it-is-sung not it-is-shouted.
and there is no singing, or shouts in the vineyards.
Example: EZE 28:13
בְּיֹ֥ום הִבָּרַאֲךָ֖ כֹּונָֽנוּ׃
beyowm hibbara’akha kownanu
In-day you-were-created they-were-prepared.
It was on the day you were created that they were prepared.