Stem Pilpel


The Pilpel is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Piel and expresses the same range of meanings.


The Pilpel stem is a variation of the Piel and has potential to express the same range of verbal action. The Pilpel stem is formed from the Piel by dropping the 2nd radical and repeating the 1st and 3rd radical, thus making a verb that appears to have 4 consonants. It is a rare stem formation in Biblical Hebrew. Many of the occurrences of the Pilpel stem in the Hebrew Bible are from the root verb כּוּל (“to comprehend, contain”).


It is recommended to always check a dictionary or lexicon for the meaning of a specific verb, because this stem may express many different kinds of action in different contexts.


These paradigms use the root כּוּל, meaning “to sustain” in the Pilpel stem.

Pilpel Perfect Paradigm
Parsing Hebrew Transliteration Gloss
masculine singular third person כִּלְכֵּל kilkel he sustained
feminine singular third person כִּלְכֲּלָה kilkalah she sustained
masculine singular second person כִּלְכַּלְתָּ kilkalta you sustained
feminine singular second person כִּלְכַּלְתְּ kilkalt you sustained
common singular first person כִּלְכַּלְתִּי kilkalti I sustained
common plural third person כִּלְכֲּלוּ kilkalu they sustained
masculine plural second person כִּלְכַּלְתֶּם kilkaltem you sustained
feminine plural second person כִּלְכַּלְתֶּן kilkalten you sustained
common plural first person כִּלכַּלְנוּ kilkalnu we sustained
Pilpel Imperfect Paradigm
Parsing Hebrew Transliteration Gloss
masculine singular third person יְכַלְכֵּל yikhalkel he will sustain
feminine singular third person תְּכַלְכֵּל tekhalkel she will sustain
masculine singular second person תְּכַלְכֵּל tekhalkel you will sustain
feminine singular second person תְּכַלְכְּלִי tekhalkeli you will sustain
common singular first person אֲכַלְכֵּל ‘akhalkel I will sustain
masculine plural third person יְכַלְכְּלוּ yekhalkelu they will sustain
feminine plural third person תְּכַלְכֵּלְנָה tekhalkelnah they will sustain
masculine plural second person תְּכַלְכְּלוּ tekhalkelu you will sustain
feminine plural second person תְּכַלְכֵּלְנָה tekhalkelnah you will sustain
common plural first person נְכַלְכֵּל nekhalkel we will sustain
Pilpel Participle Paradigm
Parsing Hebrew Transliteration Gloss
masculine singular absolute מְכַלְכֵּל mekhalkel sustaining / he who sustains
feminine singular absolute מְכַלְכֶּלֶת / מְכַלְכְּלָה mekhalkeleth / mekhalkelah sustaining / she who sustains
masculine plural absolute מְכַלְכְּלִים mekhalkelim sustaining / men who sustain
feminine plural absolute מְכַלְכְּלוֹת mekhalkeloth sustaining / women who sustain


Example: ISA 22:5
מְקַרְקַ֥ר קִ֖ר
meqarqar qir
breaking-down wall
a breaking down of the walls
Example: EZE 39:2
וְשֹׁבַבְתִּ֨יךָ֙ וְשִׁשֵּׁאתִ֔יךָ וְהַעֲלִיתִ֖יךָ מִיַּרְכְּתֵ֣י
weshovavtikha weshishethikha weha’alithikha miyyarkethe tsafown
And-I-will-turn-you and-I-will-lead-you and-I-will-bring-you-up
from-remotest north
I will turn you and lead you on I will bring you up from the far