Stem Pulal


The Pulal is a rare stem formation that it similar to the Pual. It expresses the passive voice of the Pilel and/or Palel stems.



The Pulal stem is a variation of the Pual and expresses the passive voice of the verbal action of the Pilel and/or the Palel stems. The Pulal stem is formed from the Pual by repeating the 3rd radical (with a vowel change), thus making a verb that appears to have 4 consonants. It is an extremely rare stem formation in Biblical Hebrew. Most of the Pulal verbs found in the Hebrew Bible are from the root אָמַל (“to be weak”).


It is recommended to always check a dictionary or lexicon for the meaning of a specific verb, because this stem may express many different kinds of action in different contexts.

Example: JOL 1:10

הוֹבִ֥ישׁ תִּיר֖וֹשׁ אֻמְלַ֥ל יִצְהָֽר

hovish tirosh ‘umlal yitshar

it-has-dried-up new-wine, it-grows-weak oil

the new wine has dried up, and the oil is spoiled.