Suffix Paragogic He


The paragogic ה (he) suffix can only attach to an imperative verb and most likely expresses some kind of added emphasis to the verb. However, the specific nature and meaning of this emphasis is unknown.


This suffix should not be confused with the cohortative verbal ending, although they appear exactly alike. These suffixes are distinguished by the form of the verb to which they are attached. The paragogic ה suffix always attaches to an imperative verb in Biblical Hebrew, whereas the cohortative qamets-he ending always attaches to an imperfect verb to form the specific cohortative verbal form.


This suffix consists of a ה (he) consonant preceded by a qamets vowel.


Example: GEN 39:7

שִׁכְבָ֥ה עִמִּֽי׃

shikhvah ‘immi

Lie with-me.

Sleep with me.

Example: PSA 17:1

שִׁמְעָ֤ה יְהוָ֨ה׀ צֶ֗דֶק

shim’ah yehwah tsedeq

Hear Yahweh righteous

Listen to my plea for justice, Yahweh