Adjective Ordinal Number



“First” through “Tenth”

“First” through “Fourth” Paradigm
word Aramaic Transliteration Gloss
masculine קַדְמָי qadhmay first
feminine קַדְמָיָה qadhmayah first
masculine תִּנְיָן tinyan second
feminine תִּנְיָנָה tinyanah second
masculine תְּלִיתָי teliythay third
feminine תְּלִיתָיהָ teliythayha third
masculine רְבִיעָי rebhiy’ay fourth
feminine רְבִיעָיהָ rebhiy’ayha fourth

“Fifth” and higher

The cardinal forms are used for ordinal numbers higher than four (“fifth,” “sixth,” “eleventh,” “twelfth,” etc.).

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